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Through its network of banking experts, CALAY Banking™ offers you the best advice to optimise your income and offshore assets.

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Cardano predicted to reach all-time highs, hit Bitcoin and Ether

Cardano, a cryptocurrency rivaling Ethereum, is expected to reach all-time high of $2 before the end of 2022, predicts Nigel Green, CEO and founder of the deVere Group. The bullish outlook came after Cardano (ADA), the fifth-largest cryptocurrency, jumped almost 50%...

Jersey to close tax loophole on property transactions

Standard Life Bank Isle of Man was fined £247,324 after an investigation by the Island Financial Services Authority found "serious regulatory violations". The IOMFSA required Standard to pay a discretionary civil penalty imposed under section 16 of the Act and in...

Standard Bank fined by Isle of Man regulator over serious regulatory failings

Standard Life Bank Isle of Man was fined £247,324 after an investigation by the Island Financial Services Authority found "serious regulatory violations". The IOMFSA required Standard to pay a discretionary civil penalty imposed under section 16 of the Act and in...

What Is An Umbrella Company?

When you are an entrepreneur, you may be regularly asked how you are going to provide your services to your clients. This means whether you are going to contract through a PAYE agency, through your own shareholding company, or through an umbrella company. To be able...

UK ‘seizure’ of NFTs more symbolic than efficient in recouping funds

The UK's HM Revenue & Customs tax authority has ‘seized’ three Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) after an investigation into suspected VAT tax fraud involving 250 alleged fake companies. HMRC reported that three people had been arrested on suspicion of attempting to...

Cash to crypto asset class outlook for 2022

Laith Khalaf, head of investment analysis at AJ Bell looks at some of the key factors which will influence asset prices in 2022. Shares The Omicron variant has raised the prospect of a stagflationary start to the new year. COVID vaccines and treatments will take some...

French Budget targets trusts in low tax jurisdictions

An article recently added to the 2022 French budget extends the scope of anti-tax avoidance rules to certain trust situations, according to Virginie Deflassieux, director of French taxation at BDO in Guernsey. In a briefing note for BDO, she said that the National...

Indian equity and energy funds take the top spot for 2021 returns

Indian equity and energy-focused funds achieved a u-turn in their 2021 performance compared to the previous year, according to research from Fairview Investing and data from FE fundinfo, with the four worst funds of 2020 all featuring in 2021's list of the top six...

UAE ‘at risk’ of joining Malta on FATF grey list over AML concerns

According to a Bloomberg News report, the UAE is at risk of being placed on the EU's Financial Action Task Force (FATF) 'grey list' of countries for their failures in the fight against money laundering and anti-money laundering. of terrorism. The UAE would join the...

Bitcoin is Slowly Taking Gold’s Market Share

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin is Slowly Taking Gold’s Market Share After criticizing that Bitcoin is not a good investment plan, Goldman Sachs is now recommending its clients to try Bitcoin as it is slowly replacing gold! According to its latest 2020 research note to...