December 29, 2020
Calay Banking

Our historical ‘FBS Banking’ trademark was recently acquired by Tradestone Limited, a leading Cyprus based online forex broker (see FBS).

Starting 01/01/2021,  our new name is- CALAY Banking™

Did you know that our previous identity, FBS Banking, was actually made from the initials of our founder, Fabien Bénédicte Suant?

Fabien founded the firm in 1997 at the age of 20. The business later joined SIMPLE Group and kept the positively ‘can do’ attitude of the founder. Nearly a quarter of a century later, we’ve adopted our new CALAY Banking™ identity. 

A new name, but a continued commitment to deliver you the best international and offshore banking solutions from all over the world.


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Notre marque ‘FBS Banking’ a récemment été acquise par Tradestone Limited, un leader du courtage en forex basé à Chypre. A compter du 01/01/2021, notre nouveau nom est maintenant CALAY Banking™.  Saviez-vous que notre précédent nom était simplement les initiales du...

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