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The Isle of Man is a recognized offshore jurisdiction


Country Name: self-governing British Crown Dependency
Location: Europe
Best for: Banking

You will benefit from interesting revenue optimisation solutions for companies.

Why open a Bank Account in The Isle Of Man?

The Isle of Man offers a number of tax advantages, notably in terms of corporate taxation. 

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    There are three different types of taxation at the corporate tax level:

    • Resident companies: They are taxed at 20% of profits realized.
    • Offshore resident companies, with the concept of Exempt Company: These are tax-exempt companies, only paying an annual flat fee.
    • Companies based on the Isle of Man and making their profit outside of it: These companies do not pay any taxes, while benefiting from a VAT number.
    • Non-resident companies: they have control outside the Isle of Man.

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    Analysing Our Problem

    The financial sector is important on the island as it is the real engine of its growth. The economy of the country is very developed and the majority of offshore banks provide services to British expatriates and non-residents.

    The Isle of Man has developed both infrastructure and financial skills which allows it to have large impact in the field of banking activities.

    Creating A Custom Solution

    The Isle of Man is a legal and recognized offshore jurisdiction, in accordance with international law and validated by the OECD through various agreements for automatic exchange of information. Indeed, the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man is on the “White list” of the OECD. The offshore banks of this jurisdiction propose: a comprehensive range of international banking services; a Visa Classic card in Euro, Pound Sterling or US Dollars from the opening of the account; no minimum deposit for account and card; extremely low charges on withdrawals; comprehensive account management via Internet and Telephone.

    The Results

    Structuring your business for better financial performance.

    Increase In profits

    Increase IN security

    simplified reporting

    Decrease in operations

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    About Isle Of Man

    The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea located halfway between Ireland and England. Although dependent on the British Crown, the territory is an autonomous government. This small European archipelago is populated by about 85,000 inhabitants, spread over an area of ​​572km ².

    The Parliament of the island draws up its own laws, decides on fiscal and social policies and oversees the administration.

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