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United Kingdom had the fastest growth among the G7 countries.


Country Name: United Kingdom
Location: Central Europe
Best for: Banking – VAT

You will benefit from no tax, during the first seven years, on all income generated offshore.

Why open a Bank Account in United Kingdom?

For centuries, London has emerged as the lung of finance and business in Europe, and even in the world. The United Kingdom’s strategy is to attract foreign investors from all over the world, mostly in London, through a very attractive tax system.

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A non-resident who chooses to move to the United Kingdom can be granted non-domiciled status, a very advantageous status from a tax point of view.

During the first seven years, all income generated in offshore, which means outside the United Kingdom, is not taxed!

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Analysing Our Problem

The employer directly manages the PAYE (Pay As Your Earn) system in the UK. Income tax is levied directly at source by the latter. The tax rate of an average citizen of the United Kingdom is between 20 and 40% depending on his income, a relatively low rate when compared to some of his European neighbors like France.

Although the United Kingdom is not yet a tax haven, its tax level continues to decline over the years. With regard to corporate tax, the downward trend started in the crisis in 2008, rising from 30% to 20%. This reduction continues with a rate of 20% to 17%, almost half of its French neighbor, which applies a corporate tax rate of 33.3%. The goal is simple, attracting multinationals.

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The decline also concerns individuals. According to some estimates, 425,000 British will no longer be part of the minimum taxable income, due to an increase in the brackets of the income tax.

– The benefits of a UK Bank account are :

– A wide range of bankcards available

– An account available in multiple currencies to efficiently manage the traffic of your payments

– High-quality and high-performance service

– An indispensable tool for your English company

The Results

Structuring your business for better financial performance.

Increase In Profits

Increase IN Security

Simplified Reporting

Decrease in Operations

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About United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, with its capital London, is a combination of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with Great Britain consisting of England, Wales and Scotland.

It is a constitutional monarchy forming a parliamentary democracy, governed by the Prime Minister.

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