Careers for people

We’re people without borders. Building businesses without borders.

More than just a Job.

Working with us is more than just a nine-to-five. If you’re up for a challenge, there are always new problems to solve. Love to create? There’s an enormous opportunity to find new ways to help our customers every single day, too. Join us.

Business without Borders.

Instant, convenient and transparent – something we like to call – Business without Borders. Whether you want to pay, get paid, spend, in any currency, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, we’ve got you covered.

How we Work.

We work differently and we’re proud of it. Here you’ll have bucket loads of freedom, responsibility and autonomy. 

That autonomy extends to your work-life balance too as our success lies in letting you shape your role to suit how you work best. We trust each other to get stuff done.

We work in Autonomous teams.

Autonomous teams are central to the way we work. Our teams are closest to our customers, and are empowered to decide what to prioritise and deliver, without unnecessary bureaucracy. Working this way helps us move at speed and achieve our mission faster. 

With that freedom comes responsibility and we’re a company of self-starters who don’t have rules and guidelines to follow. That might sound scary, but it’s not. Everyone has a lead who supports them, and teams collaborate, so there’s always someone to talk things through with and tackle challenges.

We put our customers First.

We’re working to create a fairer financial system for real people. So we make sure customer voices are the loudest in the room. Whether that’s working through feedback, or having them talk us through how we’re doing. We listen and we serve — no egos, no exceptions. 

Each team’s success is defined by the positive impact they’ve made for our customers. We should all be able to stand up in front of our company and explain how our work helps our customers. 

We get better through Feedback.

Feedback is a good thing. Our teams get it early and they get it often. Anyone, in any team, can challenge anyone else’s ideas. You can even challenge the CEO. In fact, he’d welcome it. Our teams gain focus from working this way, it helps us move fast and recognise when we need to shift direction. And we all work hard to give genuine, direct, and respectful feedback to the teams around us.

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