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You will benefit from almost no tax on profits and dividends to companies whose activities are carried outside the U.S.A.

Why open a Bank Account in the U.S.A.?

Taxation in the United States is not a small issue, but it is interesting to notice that enormous disparities exist compared to European countries, especially with France! In the United States, there is first the federal tax, that is to say a tax in relation to the State of residence, and a State tax. This is called double taxation.

In some cases we can even talk about triple taxation, in fact in some communities or cities of the United States other taxes can be added. This is notably the case of the famous city of New York, where an income tax is superimposed on the other two taxes (with a maximum rate of 5.82%)

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The most reputable state in the United States and in the rest of the world is Delaware, the second-smallest state in the country, with a surprising tax system.

By 2014, there were more than 950,000 enterprises registered in that state, in other words, much more than the total number of inhabitants in that territory (about 935,000 inhabitants).

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It is very important to notice that each state imposes its own tax rules. The states of Alaska, South Dakota, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Washington do not impose income tax on their territory. Conversely, the states of California and Vermont are considered to be the states with the highest maximum income tax rates in the country with 44.3% and 44.5%.

As for taxes, they are also entirely managed by the State. Thus, Tennessee is listed as the most taxed state with a VAT at 9.45%. Conversely, some states do not apply any VAT as in Oregon, Montana or New Hampshire.

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There are more than 75% of the largest US-listed companies on the stock exchange. How to explain such a success? Mainly because Delaware imposes almost no tax on profits and dividends to companies whose activities are carried outside the United States and by non-resident executives. The State simply requires only a relatively small annual fee. Moreover, the cost of setting up an offshore company is relatively low and does not exceed 350 Dollars.

This state is also known for its confidentiality to the creators and managers of the company since the Delaware does not require the names of the different beneficiaries at the time of incorporation. However, the Delaware requires the names of the leaders.

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About United States

One of the specificities of the American taxation, is that the United States is the unique country to not take into account the place of residence, but the citizenship. In other words, an American expatriate will always pay taxes in America no matter where he is living on the globe. The American government takes its tax scope very seriously.

That’s why, the government asks almost with mandatory to all non-US banks to systematically disclose information about their US clients to the US Tax Office. If these banks refuse to transmit this information, they will be penalized by taxation in the US, greatly impacting their profit.

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