Automatic Exchange of Informations – Offshore Taxation

March 5, 2018

It is in February 2014 that the G20 nations sign the NCEA: Common standard for automatic exchange, premises of a new fiscal exchange agreement. Two years later, almost more than 100 countries are adopting the automatic exchange of information, initially promoted by the OECD. The biggest jurisdictions of Banking Offshore gradually abandon their banking secrecy after many years privacy …

What is automatic exchange?


The automatic exchange of information, or “AEOI”, is the transfer of automatic and systematic banking information from a foreign national to the competent authorities of his country of residence (it operates only between signatory states). For example, in France, IFCS will now be systematically aware of all your offshore banking activities. The information disclosed is usually: the account holder’s first and last name, passport number, postal and telephone contact details, balances and account numbers … In summary, all the information proving your identity and the existence of your account will be used and transmitted To your country of residence. Some early adopters, 55 countries, have already set up automatic trading in early 2017, based on information disclosed in 2016. A real upheaval in the world of Banking Offshore, by 2018 a large majority of offshore jurisdictions will have signed the AEOI and will now be able to process these millions of information flows: is this the end of the Banking Offshore?

Towards the end of tax optimisation?


This desire for fiscal harmonization clearly undermines the world of Banking Offshore, so some structures are now unsuccessful. For all that, it would be exaggerated to precipitate his death. Indeed, a number of interesting jurisdictions have not yet signed the agreement. As of 25 November, 2020 there are 45 countries that are not required to commit AEOI.

On the other hand, multiple tax optimization strategies exist without involving the systematic creation of a personal offshore banking account. The world of offshore banking can remain a closed, secure and confidential world when it is managed by real offshore professionals. As a reminder, CALAY Banking recalls that it is obligatory to declare its offshore assets to the competent authorities of its country of residence.

In short, CALAY Banking ™ is the solution to the opening of an offshore banking account, based on a multitude of possible jurisdictions. Choosing CALAY Banking™ means choosing a professional quality service and experts who will be there to guide you and advise you whatever your situation. CALAY Banking is today 20 years of experience in the Banking Offshore world, and valuable partnerships with renowned banks around the world. So do not hesitate to tell us your situation via or through our online contact form.

CALAY Banking™, the choice of prosperity in all legality!


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